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To participate in this year’s Ben Myers Ridge-A-Thon click the red button below. We want to keep in touch and help you make the most of your fundraising!

Raise Funds Online

How to Raise the Ridge for Community Health in 2021:

• Register to participate! Registration and fundraising will be opening Jan 25.

• Get the word out to your circles and raise some funds!

• Prepare your personal Ridge-A-Thon schedule – All participants need to schedule and meet their challenge between March 1 and March 20. If you are an Extreme Ridge Challenger; decide which two (consecutive) days will be your challenge days. If you want to be a Ridge-Raiser, pick your day and make your run for the cause at your leisure. If you are a My Kinda Ridge participant you can design and set up your own challenge, for any length of time.

• Document your challenge (take photos and/or videos of your efforts) and share with the world on Facebook and Instagram – Mention @raisetheridge and tag your posts #benmyers #ridge-a-thon #raisetheridge #skitaos #taoscommunityfoundation

Three Challenge Categories:

Extreme Ridge Challenger

Extreme Ridge Challengers work toward completion of a menu of runs in the hike-to terrain in Taos Ski Valley gaining a tally for each run they take toward their total # of runs.

What you get:

  • Big Kahuna Raffle (top valued prizes – by chance)
  • 25th Anniversary T-Shirt
  • Commemorative Awards and Honors (by hike totals and age categories)

Ridge Raiser

For Ridge-Raisers, the emphasis is on competitive fundraising, rather than run-taking, but participants will take at least one run in the hike-to terrain to prove their mettle in the Ridge-A-Thon.

What you get: 
  • Big Kahuna Raffle (top valued prizes – by chance)
  • 25th Anniversary T-shirt

My Kinda Ridge

My Kinda Ridge participants create their own challenge. We feel it is important to recognize that not everyone is physically able to conquer the TSV Ridge terrain, but they still have a lot to give!

What you get: 

  • 25th Anniversary T-shirt 
  • Lots of appreciation from your community

How to Start: To participate in the Ridge-A-Thon you will need to register for the event. You’ll give your info, pick a challenge category. Then you’ll create your profile, add your story, your personal challenge and fundraising goal (be ambitious!) and your images, and start to engage your network! See our Tools For Participants page for more fundraising tips. Give yourself as much time as you can to collect donations, the more you get, the more rewarding it will be to participate.

How We Reward You: Normally, tons of local sponsors kick down prizes, food, drinks and cash in support of this event. In 2021, after a year of COVID restrictions and shut downs, we are not asking for prizes from local businesses, who have been hit especially hard this year. This year you will have to allow us some more time to figure out exactly how we’re going to celebrate your achievements, but we will.