Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes March 18th and 19th!

This year marks the 26th anniversary of the Ben Myers Ridge-A-Thon at Taos Ski Valley. We have all done our part to adjust, roll with the changing situation, and stay safe, all while having fun and making a difference in our community. The heart and soul of this event is Ben Myers and not even the ongoing global pandemic will stop us from doing what Ben loved the most, and raising money for community health in his name.

I think we can all agree that the past year has been a challenge. We certainly didn’t think that as we near March 2022, we would still be experiencing such turbulent times, or that we would all have learned so much and achieved so much together.

Last year, despite all the difficulties we faced, the Ridge-a-Thon raised over $27,000, an incredible amount and a testament to your hard work and generosity. Our grantee was Mountain Home Health Care in support of their palliative care program, improving quality of life for those suffering chronic illness in northern New Mexico. Please visit https://www.mtnhomehealth.com/home-health to learn more about the organization and their vital work in our community.

The Ben Myers Ridge-A-Thon at Taos Ski Valley has for 25 years embodied the idea of coming together to work hard and have fun to provide health related services and support for members of our community in need. It is a pleasure to be able to write that this year, though we may not be quite out of the woods with regards to COVID -19, we are going full steam ahead and planning for a fun, fabulous, in person event at Taos Ski Valley on March 18th and 19th, with celebration following the two days of Ridge Running. We hope you will all join us!

We will of course have a Kahuna prize drawing this year, along with many other great prizes in honor of your efforts. As always, Ben is our focus, and we will be keeping his memory close to our hearts as we celebrate him together in the mountains we all love.

We welcome your involvement, whether as a participant, a volunteer, a donor, or if you have a prize to donate to reward others, we would be thrilled to know that!

We are looking forward to our 2022 event. 

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