2018 Event Results

The 22nd Annual Ben Myers Ridge-A-Thon has raised $44,385.45 and counting for Community Health in Taos County. Thank you to all our participants, sponsors, donors and amazing volunteers. If you still need to make your donation visit our donation page.


Your combined efforts will now become a direct force for positive change in Taos County. Taos Community Foundation is proud to serve Taos and Western Colfax Counties, and to partner with Taos Ski Valley to put on this unique and inspiring event commemorating the life and spirit of Ben ‘Air’ Myers.


2018 Fundraising Totals

Rank First Name Last Name Funds Raised
1 Kent Forte $ 9,095
2 Clifford DuPree $ 7,419
3 Karlis Viceps $ 3,329
4 Evan Blish $ 2,494
5 Jeff Mugleston $ 2,265
6 Ken Gallard $ 1,937
7 Jessica Rone $ 1,312
8 Millie Lekas $ 645
9 Bonnie Strange $ 635
10 John Meyer $ 633
11 Angie Burns $ 532
12 Victor Goler $ 476
13 Mike Engelhardt $ 464
14 Diane Smith $ 326
15 Ryan Debue $ 303
16 Caitlin Legere
17 Erik Gustafson $ 232
18 Campbell Quirk $ 231
19 Jonathan Kushner $ 200
20 Gregory Rach $ 200
21 Peter Rich $ 200
22 Matthew Gorman $ 195
23 Jesse Reist $ 151

2018 Ridge Runs

(All runs took place on a section of Highline Ridge in a year with the lowest total snowpack on record. The 2018 Ridge-A-Thon was essentially a miracle. West Basin and Kachina Peak were closed.)

First Name Last Name RUNS
Peter Rich 38
Erik Gustafson 36
Kent Forte 32
Ryan Debue 26
Mike Engelhardt 26
Jessica Rone 23
Jesse Reist 23
Gregory Rach 19
Jeff Mugleston 8
Victor Goler 7
Millie Lekas 6
Karlis Viceps 5
Clifford DuPree 5
Bonnie Strange 5
Ken Gallard 4
Evan Blish 4
Campbell Quirk 3
John Meyer 3
Matthew Gorman 2
Caitlin Legere 2
Angie Burns 1
Diane Smith 1
Jonathan Kushner 0 (could not attend)

‘Borracho’ Prize Winners

Borracho, literally, “the drunk”, is the unofficial icon of the Taos Ski Valley extreme skiing community, and at The Ben Myers Ridge-A-Thon, it is the award for the individual who has demonstrated the most fortitude/insanity in the two categories combined.

Jessica Rone – 1st in Funds Raised ($1,312) and 1st in Runs (23)

Kent Forte – 1st in Funds Raised ($9,160) and 3rd in Runs (32)

Kahuna Prize Winners

Stay and Ski at The Blake – Millie Lekas

K2 Skis – John Meyer

Lange Boots – Mike Engelhardt

Never Summer Industries Snowboard – Jesse Reist

Taos Mesa Brewing Golden Ticket – Evan Blish

Tecnica Boots with Boot Doctors Custom Footbed – Angie Burns

Volkl Skis – Matt Gorman

Booktaos.com Raffle

Leigh Quirk won the mother of all prizes, a 3 night stay at El Monte Sagrado, a pair of 3-day VIP festival passes to Music on the Mothership, and a 1/2 day raft trip for two from Los Rios River Runners

2018 Volunteers

Drew King

Dylan Forte

Forest Rach

Greg Rach

Jackie Blish

Ken Gallard

Karlis Viceps

Leigh Quirk

Maggie Evans Rael

Maya Forte


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