One Month to Go

So this is when things really start to hum. We have just under one month to go until March 18 and 19. Right now is the perfect time to register to be sure you can reach a solid fundraising total, putting you in contention for our top prizes. Just by joining the event in one of three challenge categories, from extreme, to intermediate, to no-hike, and raising the $200 minimum, you are entered to win gear from top names in winter sports, a TSV millennium pass, or the Fabulously Fantastic Getaway. To find out more about how we reward participants look here. As our registration numbers grow, and donations are made, we can start to see the donation line get closer to the goal line, and with every dollar donated through our participants, we deepen our capacity to make a positive impact on community health in the Taos area.

One of Ben’s good friends, an originator of the event, reminds us why we continue to raise the ridge after 20 years:

I’m still inspired by my long-time friend and colleague, Ben, and his ultimately unsuccessful struggle for health and life. The currency of his story is just as potent now as it ever was. We see many folks in our community battling with health issues. There is a thin line between having what you need and being left alone to battle not just the health issues but the financial ones as well. Hopefully our efforts can help folks with both challenges. 

– Ken Gallard

In addition to joining Ridge-A-Thon as an individual fundraiser, this year for the first time, you can choose to have the donations you receive support your favorite participating local Nonprofit. There are several Winter Fund Fest Nonprofit teams that are still looking for members to complete their team of five this week, and you can join a team easily. One of the most exciting things about Winter Fund Fest is that Taos Community Foundation provides a match amount to amplify your efforts!

So it’s the 20th anniversary of Ridge-A-Thon, and the 1st annual Taos Community Foundation Winter Fund Fest. 20 years of raising the ridge for community health, and a new start which will expand the impact of the Ridge-A-Thon event by raising more funds for grants with community health focus, involving more members of the community as donors and fundraisers, and providing direct support and additional exposure to local nonprofits at work in our community.

Many of his friends remember Ben as an adventurous, strong and caring individual who always wanted to lighten the load for others, even when things were toughest for him. After losing Ben, the most appropriate way to honor this spirit and share Ben’s universal story of community strength is by continuing and expanding the Ridge-A-Thon. Ben’s abilities on the mountain he loved were inspiring to all who knew him, and through this event, even many who never did, and Taos Community Foundation wants to provide the opportunity for more and more members of our community to feel the sense of accomplishment and freedom that comes from taking on challenges in life and supporting and inspiring one another with our actions.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about taking care of one another.

photo by Kevin Rebholtz

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