Ridge-A-Thon Turns 20!

The 2016 Ridge-A-Thon is a big deal, it means 20 years of making an impact on community health with one of the most fun, extreme, and rewarding events on the mountain. The Ben Myers Ridge-A-Thon at Taos Ski Valley is a unique snowsports event where athletes pit themselves against one another and the mountain; racing up and down the hike-to terrain at TSV over two days. This year there are two more categories of competition where fundraising is king. The prizes and party will be bigger than ever and we can’t wait to see who will step up to take up this momentous challenge in the name of community health and basic needs in Taos.

Once again this year, we will be focusing our efforts for raising funds online through the Classy.org/ridgeathon16 site to minimize administrative costs associated with tallying and tracking down pledges. If you’re thinking about participating, familiarize yourself with the Classy.org page now, we will post more info about registration for both events right after the new year.

This year, we have rethought, streamlined and expanded the event to boost participation and fundraising totals. The Taos Community Foundation presents not just the extreme Ridge-A-Thon competition, but two new challenge categories meaning two new ways to get involved and compete for most funds raised. Taos Community Foundation is a 501c3 community philanthropy organization serving Taos and Western Colfax Counties helps guide donors to reach their charitable and legacy goals, is an active community grant-maker, and builds operational capacity among local nonprofit organizations so they may better serve the community.


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