Certified Kachina Peak Event

UPDATE* Jan. 15, 2016 – TSV discontinued their really cool Kachina Peak logo, which means we’re not a Certified Kachina Peak event any more I guess. But really we’re the original Kachina Peak event, pre-logo.

Kachina Peak EventWe are proud to be a Certified Kachina Peak Event capitalizing on the crown jewel of the Taos Ski Valley in our annual Ridge-A-Thon event. Kachina peak and the hiking ascent to her crest is a symbol of freedom. Ridge-Heads, as they have often been known, are those who, like Ben did, spend as many days each season as possible cramming in the open-air freedom of the challenging and beautiful hike-to terrain between work shifts and on days off. Ridge-Heads are tuned in to the landscape and the terrain while on boards and generally, they’re into squeezing the maximum juice out of life. We’re so proud of the history of this event, and pleased to see it continue making a difference in the lives of those who give, those who hike, and those who receive the benefit of the Emergency Medicines Fund, long into the future with our partner Taos Ski Valley.