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Ready to participate in this year’s event as an athlete?

1. Find out why we Raise the Ridge.

2. Get info about registering and read and print necessary forms, especially waivers, advertising poll and team information.

3. Visit our donation page to get started with your fundraising! It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s secure! You need to raise $200 or more before the event to enter Ridge-A-Thon, and you have to have received at least $100 in advance of the event (online, or cash and check), but you set your own fundraising goal on Classy’s fundraising page and tell your friends and family on social media and email in a way that makes it easy for everyone.

4. Read the Tools for Athletes page for more fundraising tips so you can reach your goal and help us tip the scales for the Emergency Medicines Fund.

5. Show up on March 20 between 8-8:30am to The Looking Glass inside Tenderfoot Katie’s at the TSV base area to check in and submit any check or cash donations and any remaining paperwork. You can register the morning of the event but the minimum pledges required goes up to $250. Course opens with first chair, report to Ridge-A-Thon support station at the top of lift 2 hike to terrain access area, plan your menu and take the first fun, I mean run.