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Thanks to All Who Gave

I am so incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support for this year’s Ridge-A-Thon, and I haven’t even seen what our athletes have raised. I can not thank these local mom-and-pops, individuals, big companies and snow sports industry manufacturers enough for stepping up the way they have, so willingly, to make this event possible. From core support and big dollar prizes to dining, lodging, adventures and great merchandise, they honor the investment made by the athletes who come out to hike and the donors who support them. We all share in the success of this event. We are working together to raise the bar for community access to healthcare, and providing for one another by each giving the best of what we have to give. We Raise the Ridge for our Emergency Medicines Fund.

One really beautiful thing about Ridge-A-Thon is that so many of the people I spoke with this winter while preparing for the event – athletes, donors and sponsors, alike, remember Ben Myers for his unrivaled skill on the slopes, his pioneering spirit and his good will toward others. They also recall the sad reality of losing him at the age of 26 to an ugly and aggressive cancer. His story reminds us all to seize the day, and to support one another; and through supporting this event each of us chooses to demonstrate our support for those ideals. He would have turned 44 tomorrow and I would like to think that Taos will be celebrating, I know we will be up on the ridge.

Hiking out toward the quiet whiteness of the peak and its banner of prayer flags, maybe the sun is shining, maybe the wind is blowing you off the spine, but regardless, there’s a point where it’s just you and the mountain and the breath and each step in front of the last; and I think Ridge-A-Thon, for the athletes, is always a very tangible reminder of the beauty of being alive, and the wonder of being present in it, through pain, elation and everything between.

If you want to Raise the Ridge this weekend:
If you have something to give please visit http://www.taoscf.org/ben
If you want to hike visit http://www.raisetheridge.com/registration-details/

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