A New Year Coming

We’re getting things together for the upcoming 19th Annual Ben Myers Ridge-A-Thon at Taos Ski Valley, March 20 + 21, 2015.

We’ll keep you posted on what’s new right here, and on Facebook. 2013 ridgeathon-6

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I am so incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support for this year’s Ridge-A-Thon, and I haven’t even seen what our athletes have raised. I can not thank these local mom-and-pops, individuals, big companies and snow sports industry manufacturers enough for stepping up the way they have, so willingly, to make this event possible. From core support and big dollar prizes to dining, lodging, adventures and great merchandise, they honor the investment made by the athletes who come out to hike and the donors who support them. We all share in the success of this event. We are working together to raise the bar for community access to healthcare, and providing for one another by each giving the best of what we have to give. We Raise the Ridge for our Emergency Medicines Fund.

One really beautiful thing about Ridge-A-Thon is that so many of the people I spoke with this winter while preparing for the event – athletes, donors and sponsors, alike, remember Ben Myers for his unrivaled skill on the slopes, his pioneering spirit and his good will toward others. They also recall the sad reality of losing him at the age of 26 to an ugly and aggressive cancer. His story reminds us all to seize the day, and to support one another; and through supporting this event each of us chooses to demonstrate our support for those ideals. He would have turned 44 tomorrow and I would like to think that Taos will be celebrating, I know we will be up on the ridge.

Hiking out toward the quiet whiteness of the peak and its banner of prayer flags, maybe the sun is shining, maybe the wind is blowing you off the spine, but regardless, there’s a point where it’s just you and the mountain and the breath and each step in front of the last; and I think Ridge-A-Thon, for the athletes, is always a very tangible reminder of the beauty of being alive, and the wonder of being present in it, through pain, elation and everything between.

If you want to Raise the Ridge this weekend:
If you have something to give please visit http://www.taoscf.org/ben
If you want to hike visit http://www.raisetheridge.com/registration-details/

Thanks to Our Sponsors



Please thank our sponsors for their contributions to making this event a success!


The Big Prizes Are Back


We have received a lovely Never Summer Snowboard, a pair of K2 skis, Volkl Mantras or Auras, Lange Boots and a TSV Millennium Pass for our big prizes. Anyone who participates in this year’s Ridge-A-Thon could win one of these prizes. Doesn’t matter if you did 2 runs or 50, or raised $200 or $2000. Everyone has a chance to go home with one of these big prizes.

Now, in addition, we will have a prize table filled with equally tempting and valuable prizes, as well as many smaller but still awesome prize options, and everyone will get something, including a swag bag and event tshirt made possible by our sponsors. The table prizes are given out to teams in order of their success in fundraising, and completing ridge runs, with the most successful picking first, and so on.

We work hard to bring in these rewards for our athletes, and our day is always made possible by our wealth of national, and local sponsors. They also provide, snacks and beverages, and cater our after party on Saturday. We love our sponsors. And we will be highlighting them here as we get closer to the event date. Please don’t forget to register and let us know you’re coming. This year we are helping athletes get set up to receive online donations through the Community Foundation website. If you are planning to participate, get in touch with us asap and we will set you up with a photo, bio and donate button~!

Why we Raise the Ridge…


Dear Friends,

Some of you knew my brother.  Most of you will never know him.  Many years ago, the first time I attended the Ridge-A-Thon, I sat quitely on my frozen-butt on the snow, looking very much the part of the non-participating, amateur slug that I was.  Ben was the great skier in the family.  I’ve seen what Ridge-A-Thon athletes ski, and you all have my admiration.  One of Ben’s friends had pointed me out to a pair of skiers who came up to me and started asking me questions about Ben.  I didn’t quite know what to say… where to start.  Knowing that they had to start their hike up the ridge again shortly, I decided to keep the conversation short.  A friend once told me that everything you really need to know about someone can be learned by the deed he did in his life, in the moment when it meant the most.

When my brother came to face his own meaningless death, at the age of twenty-six, his friend Jimmy came to him and asked him “What do you want of me?  What can I do for you?”  My brother answered, “I want you to help the people who helped me.”  And so Jimmy, and Ken and several of his other friends did, and that is why Ridge-A-Thon is here today.  That was Ben.  In a moment when he had every right to ask for a little something for himself, what he wanted most was for help for others.  He was a very selfless, caring person.  That was his way.

I think that it would please him very much to see what has become of that request he made so long ago.  It certainly pleases our family.

Written to our participants in 2012 by Eva Pryor, Ben’s sister.

Ridge-A-Thon 2014

It’s that time again! We’re ramping up for the 2014 Ridge-A-Thon at Taos Ski Valley March 21 and 22. We will be updating the registration materials in the next week or so, but feel free to start collecting pledges for Taos Emergency Medicines Fund. We hope to see everyone out there having fun.


2013 Ridge-A-Thon Images

Thanks to Kevin Rebholtz, we have some stunning on slope shots of our participants from Friday morning. If you are interested in downloading a shot from this slideshow you can view the set and contact Kevin at his site.

Check Please!

We have found that there are good folks asking how to write a check to donate to their athletes, and to the Emergency Medicines Fund. I am pleased to tell you that this is really straight forward. ALL checks, no matter where they need to be applied, are to be made out to  Taos Community Foundation. In the memo line you get to be specific about your funds. You can memo “Emergency Medicines Fund”  for a donation to the fund, or memo “Raise the Ridge – Name” to direct the money to a participating athlete.

We appreciate your attention to this matter, it’s really hard to get the bank to accept checks made to Ridge-A-Thon, they don’t like doing it and we don’t like begging.

Sponsors that RAWK!

The prizes are piling up around the office, and that may be annoying to SOME people, but it doesn’t bother me. We have a fine collection of hard goods from our industry sponsors, like K2 and Never Summer Industries, and serious stacks of goodies from some of our favorite local businesses. Oh let’s see here….We have gift certificates to La Chiripada Winery‘s Tasting Room – right here in Taos, which, if you have not visited, is quite a treat for aprés ski, or aprés shop. We have a punch-card from Northside Health and Fitness, and a great eats gift certificate for Orlando’s New Mexican Cafe in El Prado (soon to open second location on the south side in the old Lula’s/Pizza Emergency building)! What else? We have got a sweet Babolat tennis racket and strings with free string and tune from Kurt at Taos Tennis at the Quail Ridge, and a gift certificate to support your daily grind in el norte, from Elevation Coffee, and one more for everyone’s favorite happy hour and comfort-food, at the Alley Cantina just off the plaza. Moby Dickens has donated two $25 gift certificates toward your collection of good reads. And someone is going to get to take a pal and fly the gorge in a Pueblo Balloon!

Now, I know you liked those options, BUT, there are some more excellent rewards up for grabs at the event award party….Seriously – you could win a two night stay or $100 to the restaurant at the Southwest’s celebrated, authentic old-world home cooking and alpin-lodge, The Bavarian, right on the slopes at TSV and I am almost sad that I have to work instead of hike because I really, really want to stay there and eat too much delicious spätzle. You could also get lucky and win another great lodging prize from The Historic Taos Inn, or food from Doc Martin’s restaurant. They kindly offered one night and brunch downtown in the cozy atmosphere of the “Living Room of Taos” with live music nightly. We have certificates from 999dine.com for Sabroso Restaurant and Bar in gorgeous Arroyo Seco. And SOMEONE is going to win a TSV Millennium Pass.

After the exertion of fund raising and ridge hiking, some of you may prefer a pampering – and Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs has sweetly sent us almost a dozen mid-week day passes, while Vapour Organic Beauty has donated a gift certificate for their line of beautiful, luminous, natural beauty products, you will surely want to know more about them if you haven’t heard before. Golightly Cashmere’s Chocolate + Cashmere on lower Bent Street has also offered up a certificate for some posh and plush feel-goods. We have artisan silver Jewelry from Mona Van Riper (the Taos Skeleton Ski Bum pin), and a beautiful cuff copper and silver bracelet from Mesa’s Edge at the Ski Valley.

Don’t forget to bring registration forms and your collected pledges (CHECKS MADE OUT TO TAOS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION memo: Raise the Ridge – athlete name) to the mountain with you Friday or Saturday morning. Have fun – there’s no need to break a record for runs, just raise some funds, come enjoy a Ski Valley weekend, and live it!


The 50th Anniversary K2/Rolling Stones AT Rockers!


The Never Summer Industries SL series board is versatile, for many riding styles and all-terrain.

Donate Online to Support an Athlete!

Donate online to our athletes! 

Click Donate, enter your amount, then log in to Paypal to begin the transaction. On the next screen, The Ben Myers Ridge-A-Thon will be listed beneath the “Purpose” heading. Make sure you click the link to include the name of the athlete or team you’re supporting.

Please include your name and best contact information so your athlete knows who is helping them out. We will send an email to them when the payment is processed and it will be applied to their fund raising total. Thanks for your support!


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